Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Based Smart Plugins for WordPress to take your site to the next level

“Machine learning is not the future, it is the now” the world is slowly but surely embracing the trend of integrating deep learning and Artificial Intelligence in today’s software/apps. Though by any margin not a huge number yet, but there are some pretty cool WordPress plugins that use Artificial Intelligence in their design. Whether it is to asses the behavioral pattern of your site’s visitors, or an A.I driven product/service recommendation system, or just an intelligent A.I assistant to help serve your customers basic query, these WordPress plugins are worth a look.


WP A.I Assistant




Developed by lopus, this A.I driven WordPress virtual assistant plugin lets you deploy an A.I assistant with a significant amount of control over its behavior. It helps you with personalizing your visitors website’s experience. Whether guiding them to new products, your most valuable contents , advising them with their purchase decision, you would be surprised to discover how much this small plugin can accomplish. This plugin provides a significant amount of actions/interactions capabilities and control over conditional system to create a robust discussion with your users.



This cloud-based A.I driven WordPress plugin creates new taxonomies improves search results, makes link lists and menus contextual and dynamic, increases your conversion rates by a significant factor.



Breinify allows you to have an idea about the categories of WordPress sites your visitors are visiting, and at the same time allows you to see how many different types of activities your visitors are doing on your site, and it does all that in real time.

Primal for WordPress

Primal for wordpress

Primal lets you provide your visitors with unique relevant web-based content that matches your interest. It does that by collecting information about the subject matter of each page/post you create. Primal is a learning based system, it gathers data about the engagement and involvement level of your users, then based on that data it tailors its content.

MyCurator Content Curation

In case you are new to the term, “Content Curation” is all about finding information and articles related to your site’s topic area. The ultimate goal is to find and provide relevant meaningful data to your visitors. This cloud-based AI driven WordPress curator plugin filters out spammy content lets you up-votes/down-votes the content it finds out for you, which in turn trains your agent for future curation. So in time with more training and data you will get much more meaningful and relevant content.

Kindred Posts


Provides content recommendation to your visitors based on their activities.

  • Install, activate and drag a widget to start recommending: the setup process is that easy.
  • Is able to integrate with Google analytic to let you see which recommended content is being read.

WordPress Music

wordpress-music Plugin

Perhaps not the kind of machine learning plugin you were expecting, but this WordPress music plugin observes your visitor’s behavior and engagement level to play different kind of music .

Quttera Web Malware Scanner

Cloud Based WordPress Maleware Scanner

Cloud-based AI driven WordPress malware scanner that also helps you with finding whether Google blacklists your siteĀ or not. This incredible WordPress plugin uses an Artificial Intelligence Scan Engine.

Automatic Alternative Textr

Does exactly as the name says, this machine learning based WordPress plugin uses Microsoft’s Cognitive Services Computer Vision API to analyze the subject matter found in an image and then based on that data it creates human readable alt text for your image.


The recent surge in A.I based software solution development will surely give birth to more A.I/Machine learning based WordPress plugins. As new, exciting plugins arrive, we will keep updating this list.



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Alfredo Gutierrez - March 21, 2017

I would like to add one more to that list…

Watsonfinds is a WordPress Plugin which is connected to the sentiment analysis of IBM Watson.

This plugin relies on artificial intelligence for analyzing your content and giving you insights about the emotions that your audience may perceive as they read it.

Its main purpose is helping copywriters, marketers or any person to understand the emotions of their words to always transmit the intended message by evoking the right feelings.

it’s available as a WordPress Plugin that you can download from the WordPress Plugin Directory: https://wordpress.org/plugins/watsonfinds/

Riger - May 26, 2018

“WP A.I Assistant” – Sorry no! It’s just a bad (in my opinion) bandage solution. I tested it, and it was terrible (and obviously fake to the end user). It does almost nothing, it’s faster for the visitor to use the website navigation, which is all this supposed “AI” is doing anyway (duplicating the navigation)..


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