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Afsar is a passionate and dedicated individual who is currently working on a WordPress news site. With extensive experience in content creation and digital media, Afsar is responsible for delivering engaging and informative articles to the site's audience. Utilizing the latest tools and technologies, Afsar is constantly striving to improve the user experience and drive traffic to the site. When not working, Afsar can be found reading the latest news and staying up to date on industry trends, always looking for ways to bring fresh and exciting content to the site.

5 Best WordPress Map Plugins

Looking for the best WordPress Map plugins?  Many local companies are trying to show the waypoints to their physical office. We have gathered some best WordPress Map Plugins to show a Google Map box on your WordPress site. There are …


10 Best WordPress Heatmap Plugins

A serious blogger, webmaster or marketer will always want to know the behavior of the visitors. In order to track the behavior of the visitors, you need to generate a heatmap. A heatmap plugin will plot the area of your …

How To Verify WordPress Site On Pinterest

Pinterest is a growing social site which allows you to pin your pictures, infographics and product images. Pinterest is generating a huge amount of referral traffic for website owners. If you are not using Pinterest for your site, then you …

5 Best Related Posts Plugins For WordPress

Are you suffering high bounce rate on your WordPress site? Do you know that having a high bounce rate will cost you in SEO game? It is established in the SEO industry that having a high bounce rate will hurt …

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