Best Udemy / Online Machine Learning / Data Science / Artificial Intelligence Courses For Beginners

Andrew Ng has recently said, ‘ Artifical Intelligence is the new electricity’ what he meant by that is; just like 100 years ago how the invention of electricity transformed almost every industry, AI is soon going to have the same kind of impact.Previously, people needed to have a phd to get into data science. But such is not the case anymore. With some free time and strong motivation, anyone can aspire to be a data scientist. The Internet has tons of free resources to get someone started on data science/machine learning. Andrew ng’s coursea  machine learning course is amazing for a beginner, so is Siraz raval’s youtube channel on data science. Then there is Daniel Shiffman’s coding train channel. But for me personally, I like udemy courses a lot. Some of them are really well designed with applicability on mind.

Do I need Math to learn machine learning/artificial intelligence?

Depends on how far you want to go. If you just want to train some model, and use or integrate some machine learning features to your app, then no ;you could do away without knowing maths. But if you want to dig deeper, want to understand what’s going on under the hood, You definitely need to know some maths. Linear algebra, numerical analysis, and some statistics knowledge will take you a long way in understanding many popular machine learning algorithms.

khan Academi Linear Algebra Cours For Beginners

Khan Academi Courses On Statistics And Probability

Khan Academi Courses for Ap Calculus and Multi Variable Calculus

Word of cautions, what not to expect from an online data science course.

  • You will not become a data scientist upon successfully completing a particular course.
  • Lectures are well designed and taught, but will still need a significant amount of effort from your part.
  • Learning/taking these courses will not prepare you for an immediate data science job, but its a solid start.
  • You will not become a kaggle superstar by night.


Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science


Machine Learning A-Z™ Hands-On Python & R In Data Science

Machine Learning A-Z™ Hands-On Python & R In Data Science

Offered by Kirill Eremenko and Hadelin de Ponteve, Machine learning A-Z covers a substantial amount of machine learning topics. From Regression to Dimensionality Reduction, you will go through every topic with practicality and real world applicability in mind. Each topic is broken into several lectures for ease of grasping. You will learn how to build, train and choose a particular machine learning model for a given task. The course is not math heavy to the point that it becomes too abstract for someone with a limited maths knowledge.

How is the customer’s feedback on this course

  • Over 90 thousands Enrolled Students
  •  Average rating 4.4 (12,797 ratings)
  • 53 Percent of students rated it as a perfect 5 star.

Data Science: Deep Learning in Python

Data Science Deep Learning in Python

Data Science Deep Learning in Python

Deep learning is by far the hottest buzzword in the AI world right now, this subset of machine learning has outperformed other machine learning model in a huge range of tasks. Deep learning uses many layers of neural networks. Google’s tensor flow is an excellent open source deep learning framework to incorporate in your project. This Udemy data science course is instructed by Lazy Programmer Inc. It teaches you to code a neural network from scratch. Which is an excellent building block for someone who is getting into machine learning/artificial intelligence. Please note that, this course requires you to have a basic understanding of the following topics; partial derivatives and log-likelihoods and a basic familiarity with logistic regression.

How is the customer’s feedback on this course

  • Over 15 thousands Enrolled Students
  •  Average rating 4.6 (1875 ratings)
  • 67 Percent of students rated it as a perfect 5 star.

Artificial Intelligence A-Z™: Learn How To Build An AI

Artificial Intelligence A-Z™ Learn How To Build An AI

This particular topic is very ambitious in nature, as it aims to provide the knowledge to create an AI. By the end of this course you will have a solid grasp on reinforcement learning and Q-Learning Intuition, and more importantly how to create an AI for real world practical scenario (self-driving car). You will learn how to merge your AI with OpenAI Gym for increasing effectiveness.

How is the customer’s feedback on this course

  • Over 7 thousands Enrolled Students
  •  Average rating 4.4 (433 ratings)
  • 54 Percent of students rated it as a perfect 5 star.

Datacamp Introductory Python Course for Beginners(Free).

Datacamp Introductory Python Course for Beginners(Free).

Datacamp Introductory Python Course for Beginners(Free).

Datacamp has two beginner courses for data science, I like them both a lot and they are free. The first one is aimed at people who lacks the basic Python skill needed for data science. Interactive in nature, this particular course will teach you the basics of Python with a point and exercise based system that I found enjoyable to go through. The second course“Kaggle Python Tutorial on Machine Learning – DataCamp” is designed for people who want to participate in kaggle competition, you will go through a step by step process of dissecting and solving a data science problem.

Andrew Ng’s Coursera Course On Machine Learning

ndrew NgmMachine Learning

Arguably the most famous machine learning course of them all, this has inspired a generation of people to pick up and study on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Lectures are accessible, easy and most importantly really fun to go through. Andrew’s clarity of thoughts and the ability to pass his understanding and passion for artificial intelligence through people makes this a must have for anyone thinking of getting into machine learning/data science. Course covers a wide range of topics, their theoretical explanations, and the practical know-how to implement them.



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