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WordPress is one of the most popular and leading CMS on the internet. Despite the fact that it’s simple and easy to use, it has some lacking also. One of the biggest problems of using WordPress is its vulnerable security system.

Due to the easy to break security system, most hackers are trying to snatch away your website from you. We have faced this type of problem previously, and we had to go through sleepless nights to fix our websites.

Due to these types of problem, I have decided to write an article on the best security plugins for WordPress. There are some excellent free, premium and in-app purchase plugins which will help you to fight and repel these hackers.

5 Best Security Plugins For WordPress

#1.  Sucuri Security

Sucuri WordPress Security

Sucuri is a well-known security service providing company for WordPress and other CMSs. Sucuri provides both free and premium account for the users. They even have a free plugin for WordPress users.

They have an online tool which will allow you to check whether your site has any malware or not. Free version usually does mid-depth analysis while the premium version will do an in-depth scanning.

Their plugin for WordPress will check any file changes, failed login attempts, file uploads, post editions , etc. It can protect the core WordPress files to ensure that no malware is injected to the files which might look legitimate to you.

It comes with some advanced features which can only be enabled with the premium account. However, as a free plugin it does a massive load of jobs for you. Check Sucuri’s plan.


#2. WordFence


WordFence WrdPress security pluginWordFence  is a very popular WordPress security plugin which has been downloaded more then 3 million times. It comes with a huge amount of features and it actually takes time to learn them. Wordfence come with a zero price tag but more advanced features can be activated by purchasing their key.

One of the best thing about WordFence is that they provide tech support for both free and premium users. Most of the security plugins don’t offer firewall support for free users. However, WordFence has an edge over other WordPress security plugin via providing free firewall for the users.

There are several other security features which come with this plugin. Some of the important ones are blocking brute-force attacks, malware, back door vulnerabilities, login attempts and more. They are always updating the plugin to cope up with the latest threats. This is what makes it one of the best security plugins for WordPress .

#3. All In One WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall is a fairly new security plugin which is trusted by more then 1 million users. One of the coolest thing about this plugin is it’s dashboard rating system. It provides a meter on the dashboard upon the security system you have implemented in your WordPress site.

If you are wondering how to change your WordPress login URL then this is your jam. It provides one click system to change your login URL to custom URL. It features a huge number of features like changing database prefix name, login lock down, blacklisting IP from login.

It’s totally a free plugin for the users. Only drawback of this plugin is it’s user interface. It will take some time to learn it’s functions.


#4. iThemes Security

Popular security plugin for wordpress

iThemes Security is another top notch security plugin for WordPress. It has been rated number one security plugin by many WordPress experts. It focuses on great user interface for the newbies.

It focuses on hardening the security of your WordPress via fixing the issues that may cause security troubles. It can hide the login and admin pages, blocking the public information to the hackers , scanning your files for any kind of malware or vulnerabilities.

Besides these, it offers regular backup of your database. It offers a good dashboard system where you can check what can be done to secure your WordPress website from hackers.

It comes with some advanced features which can be used by expert WordPress users.

#5. BruteProtect

Best plugin to secure wordpress from brute force attack

If you are managing WordPress sites for a few months then you already know the Brute Force Attack. Brute force attack is a type of attack where the hacker tries to login to you site by guessing different combinations of usernames & password. They uses computer or automatic scripts which keeps trying over and over again.

These computer bot keeps trying to login with several attempts at a single minute. BruteProtect can detect multiple failed login attempt and it will restrict the ip address from your WordPress site.

BruteProtect keeps a record of these ip addresses. As a result, if any ip tries brute force attack on any other site then it will be automatically banned on WordPress sites your sites also. It’s a great advantage which is available in WordFence also.


We are constantly searching for more security plugins for WordPress and we will keep updating this thread. Meanwhile if you find any good WordPress security plugin , you are requested to let us know via the comment section Below. Secure your WordPress site today!!!


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ANAND - October 26, 2017

I am using wordfence security plugin. It is very good plugin. It shows us what pages users visiting on our site.

Danial Wilson - September 1, 2018

Great Collection of plugins here. Awesome looks.
I would like to share one plugin for Security which is User Blocker WordPress plugins.
This security plugin provides the ability to block or unblock user accounts quickly and effortlessly.
It has various features such as user block, unblock user, counter, role based block User etc.


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