5 Best Two-Factor Authentication Plugins For WordPress

Nowadays a lot of people are blogging. Some are blogging to portray their lives, while some may want to make a living from their site. WordPress has become one of the most popular CMS for most webmasters. Most newbies are choosing WordPress for its simplicity with an enormous amount of ready to use plugins. The caveat of this system is it’s weak security.

Using a strong password can help you to protect your WordPress blog or other accounts. But a lot of people fails to choose a strong password or gets hacked by a professional hacker or bot. There are several ways how your password can be guessed. One of them is brute force attack. To prevent the hacker or bot from getting access to your account is to use Two-Factor authentication.

A lot of reputed websites are using Two-Factor authentication to safeguard their and the user’s account. Gone are days when only these large companies like Google and Facebook could use it. Nowadays, a simple blog on WordPress can use Two-Factor authentication too. Today we are going to share the most popular and reliable Two-Factor authentication plugins for WordPress.

5 Best Two-Factor Authentication Plugins For WordPress

Authy Two Factor Authentication Plugin WordPress

Authy – Two Factor Authentication [Free]

When it comes to Two-Factor authentication, Authy is one of the leading platforms to do it. Besides WordPress, Authy is available for a lot of popular websites like Facebook and more. You need to download the free Authy app on your iOS or Android phone. Once you provide the correct password on the respective site, you will have two option on your Authy app on your smartphone. You can grab the code to input into the login page manually, or the request has to be allowed from the mobile Authy app.

The Authy plugin is totally free for use in WordPress. I have used and checked it one of our websites, and it provides excellent performance. Authy also has a chrome extension, so that if you are unable to use the smartphone at the moment, you can grab the code from the Chrome extension. For security purpose, you can provide a master lock password to your Authy Chrome extension.


  • Free to use
  • Available for Android, iOS, Chrome Extension
  • Quick & Fast
  • Can be turned off for some user
  • Admin can force to use Authy
  • Master lock password available
  • Easy set up


  • Setting


Authy WordPress Plugin | Authy (iOS) | Authy (Android) | Authy (Chrome Extension) | Authy Official Site

Clef Two factor Authenticator

Clef – Two-factor Authenticator Plugin WordPress

If yo are having trouble managing your passwords, now is the time you start using the Clef service. Unlike other listed plugins, this service can completely waive off the remembering of the password. You will have to turn on the WordPress plugin on your site, and you will see a wave when logging in, Once you open the Clef app on your smartphone, it will start scanning the screen. Once matches, it will automatically login you to the website.

There are some excellent services like the single sigh on/off function for all subsequent sites which can be done by one-click at anytime. You can also set timer to logout automatically when you done finishing your work. Since they keep the encrypted private key on your phone, you can be rest assured that even if there is a data breach on clef’s server, your account is safe. Clef requires you to set two factor authentication by your phone and a fingerprint or a pin. So you are completely safe even if your phone is stolen or lost.

Clef requires you to set two-factor authentication by your phone and a fingerprint or a pin. So you are completely safe even if your phone is stolen or lost.



WordPress Plugin | Android App | iOS App


Google Authenticator - Two Factor Authentication

Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication

Made by MiniOrange, this two-factor authentication plugin is loved by thousands of WordPress users. Protecting your WordPress site with only a password is becoming risky. Bots are becoming smarter, and they can cause serious damage to your site. One of the easiest ways to block these attempts is to use this two-factor authentication.

Even if they manage to crack the password, they won’t be able to login to your site. Once you try to login to your WordPress site, you will receive a code on the app’s screen. You will have to use this code to login to your website. If the phone is lost or stolen, there are other alternatives to login.


WordPress | iOS | Android


Rublon Two-Factor Authentication

Rublon Two-Factor Authentication

If you are an avid email user who always have the mail tab open in your browser, you will love this two-factor authentication plugin. This is a secure, faster and email-based two-factor authentication which provides security to more than thousands of WordPress sites.

If you don’t want to take the hassle of setting other complex security plugins, you will love the simplicity of this plugin. It is incredibly easy to setup, and the one-click procedure makes it easier. The Rublon mobile app provides an additional security layer. The Rublon code can confirm your identity for more protection to your WordPress site.


WordPress | Android | iOS

These are our findings for the search of Best Two-Factor Authentication Plugins For WordPress. We will continue our search for more amazing two-factor authentication plugins for WordPress. Meanwhile, you can share your favorite WordPress two-factor authentication plugins in the comments section below.


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Mike - June 29, 2018

I use the Google Authenticator Plugin, one thing to note is that on old android phones, there is a glitch that makes the time sequence out of whack, and you don’t have enough time to log in. So If you are planning on implementing any of these plugins in your website, make sure you have a backup done before implementation, so you can recover your account if the plugin locks you out.


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