5 Best WordPress Map Plugins

Looking for the best WordPress Map plugins?  Many local companies are trying to show the waypoints to their physical office. We have gathered some best WordPress Map Plugins to show a Google Map box on your WordPress site. There are plenty of plugins which can do this, but not all of them are easy to install. If you follow our guide, you will be able to easily add Google Map on your WordPress site.

How to integrate Google maps in WordPress Manually

At first, we want to share a normal way to add Google Maps on your site. By default, Google map allows you to embed a custom Google Map location in your WordPress site. Note that, you need to paste the code in the “Text Mode”.


WP Google Maps


WP Google Maps is a popular free WordPress plugin to create WordPress maps by inserting address, directions, set markers, etc. You can add the Google Map on the sidebar, footer or any widget ready area. You can even create your own map theme; you can choose from their themes also.

MapPress Easy Google Maps

MapPress Easy Google Maps

MapPress Easy Google Maps is undoubtedly one of the most popular WordPress plugin for Google Maps integration. You can easily add Google map to any WordPress post, page or even in the custom post. This plugin comes with a shortcode function which can be used in any posts.

Maps Builder – Google Maps Plugin

Maps Builder - Google Maps Plugin

Creating powerful Google Maps in your site is really easy with this plugin. You will get your hands on numerous features with this plugin. You can use the Snazzy Maps for better looking maps. You can use Google Places API integration, unique marker icons, intuitive UI, optimized performance. The developer of this plugin is frequently updating this plugin for better performance.

Google Maps Bank

wordpress map plugins

Yet another cool plugin to create a map on WordPress. If you are bothered about the complexity of generating Google maps, then this plugin is there to clear off the clouds from your sky. This powerful plugin provides directions, locations, satellite or aerial imagery, interactive maps , etc. It has been divided into 7 easy steps to simplify the integration process.

Basic Google Maps Placemarks

Basic Google Maps Placemarks

Enabling custom placemarks in your site is quite annoying, unless you have Basic Google Maps Placemarks. This plugin allows you to add Google Map with custom placemarks. You can assign placemakers with adddress, assign them to categories. You can even add custom marker if you like. This plugin allows you to keep all the placemakers in one map or even allows you to show different placemakers in different locations.


We will continuously update this thread with more best wordpress map plugins. Meanwhile, you can comment with your favorite map plugins in the comment section below.


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