5 Best WordPress Plugins To Optimize Images For Fast Loading Speed

Wondering about how to optimize images for faster loading speed? Well, you are not the only person who want to reduce image sizes via WordPress plugins. There are really cool WordPress plugins to optimize images for fast loading speed.

Loading speed is always an issue for WordPress users. Most of the times images are bigger than they should be and as a result your page speed reduces. However, optimizing your images via these WordPress plugins will help you to increase your page speed.

Optimizing images means to reduce a image file such a way that the reader won’t notice the quality but the file size will be reduced. There are several WordPress plugins which can do that. Let’s see few of them:

5 Best WordPress Plugins To Optimize Images For Fast Loading Speed


WP Smush

WP Smush image optimization plugin

Wp Smush is a very popular WordPress plugin which is focused on reducing the image sizes. It’s a free plugin to use. However, there’s a catch that you need to manually do the compressing after compressing 50 images.

It’s powerful and it’s 100% free. Due to the optimization of your images, your website will load faster than before. It reduces the bulky information and other useless information from the images. Thus the size reduces & you will not see the difference of the images in open eyes.


  • Free plugin
  • Compress 50 images on one click
  • Reduces bulky information from images
  • Quickly Optimizes your images


Shortpixel is another very popular service which can optimize your images. It can boost your website’s speed by reducing the image sizes. It can reduce files size drastically but you will not be able to find the difference of quality. It’s a paid service. However, it has a free service also. You can optimize 100 images per month for free. You can convert the images from it’s website or you can use the WordPress plugin.

Supported file types: JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF.


  • WordPress Plugin
  • Directly reduce image files from website
  • Compress 10 images per month
  • Batch automation
  • Makes website faster

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer

Another lossless image optimization plugin for WordPress. It can optimize the images which are already uploaded. You can change the file formats by using this plugin too. It’s lossless image optimization can reduce the image such a way that you will not be able to detect the changes.

Supported file types: JPG, PNG


  • Lossless optimization to PNG & JPG images
  • Quickly reduces file sizes
  • Root access not needed
  • TinyJPG integrated for better compression

CW Image Optimizer

CW Image Optimizer

CW Image Optimizer is an another awesome WordPress plugin which can easily compress the images. You can compress the new files and previously uploaded images also. Despite that fact that this plugin is based on WP Smush.it, it uses Linux littleutils image optimization tools.


  • Runs very fast
  • Uses Linux littleutils
  • Totally free
  • Lossless compression keeps the quality
  • Runs very fast


WpImage Plugin

Despite the fact that it has a freaky name and cover photo, this WordPress plugin does wonderful job on compressing images. This plugin focuses on resizing the images into your desired rate. Imsanity has the ability to resize your photos on a desired maximum width, height and quality.

Supported file types: BMP, JPG


  • Can convert BMP files to JPG
  • Resize images automatically
  • Set maximum height, width and quality
  • Totally Free


We are going to share some more awesome cool image optimization plugins for WordPress. Meanwhile, you can suggest us your favorite WordPress image optimization plugins in the comment section below.

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