5 Best WordPress Table Plugins 2022 – WordPress Table Plugin Review

WordPress tables are nothing new.

No matter whether you are making comparisons between different products or just offering a pricing comparison, a table can significantly increase the credibility of the post.

Tables are a great way of representing the data and other crucial information to help convince the user to make a decision.

You might be wondering why you need a plugin to add a table on your WordPress blog.

Manually setting up a table in WordPress takes a lot of your precious time, and often people end up making error in the process.

Some bloggers even love to offer a colorful and more functional table box which might take a lot of time to code.

It can be frustrating to make such beautiful tables on WordPress unless you are a pro coder or have your hands on these best WordPress table plugins.

There are many incredible plugins available to make beautiful and functional tables on WordPress with ease.

I am going to share some of the best table plugins for WordPress to help you make incredible tables with ease.

Best WordPress table plugins 2022

TablePress Demo

1. TablePress – Free

Tablepress is the most used free WordPress table maker on the market. If you aren’t looking for a fancy table but a functional one, then this should be the best option for you. Unlike most WordPress table plugins, TablePress is incredibly easy to use. Once you install this plugin, you can start making tables within seconds.

Due to the simple interface, you can easily input your data, and manage them quickly. The rows and columns can be moved quickly if you make a mistake. You can insert text, hyperlink, and image on the boxes

There are other features like the custom CSS, search on the table box, alternating color, hovering color and the list goes on. The most important part is it’s free and just works.


  • Free
  • Simple yet effective design
  • Easy to insert data
  • Insert hyperlink or images
  • Column and Rows can be arranged easily
  • Custom CSS feature
  • Built-in sort-ability feature
  • Allows searching
  • Not Responsive
  • Less design

Download NowGo Pricing Dashboard

2. Gopricing – Premium

If you are in need of making a fancy table in WordPress, you should go for Go Pricing. Even though it’s paid, you won’t regret buying this incredible WordPress table plugin. Usually, Gopricing is used for creating pricing and compare tables. If you are an affiliate marketer or just want to offer a pricing and compare between your or competitor’s products, Go Pricing will meet your needs.

Go Pricing comes with lots of features and functionalities which might be tough at the first sight. However, once you start playing with this baby, you will fall in love with its features. No matter whether you are more of a classical or modern UI lover, you can do almost everything with it.

You can create, import, and export your data within seconds to make or store your tables. Go Pricing even comes with tons of templates to help you make your pricing tables quickly. Just incase if you are wondering, Go Pricing is also compatible with Visual Composer. Just one more reason to love the Go Pricing WordPress table maker, right?

If you are ready to splash some cash, this is the best WordPress table plugin for you.

  • Make beautiful designs
  • Advanced column settings
  • 250+ Demo tables
  • Compatible with Visual Composer
  • Make pricing and comparison tables
  • 2000+ Font icons
  • Column animation
  • custom CSS Code
  • Responsive Design
  • Live Preview
  • Bulk actions
  • Import and export
  • Takes time to understand the system

Download NowwpDataTables

3. WPdatatables – Premium

Creating data based plugins can be very tricky if you are not using WpDataTables. If you are a power WordPress user who is playing with the data, this is the best WordPress table maker for you. Over 10 thousands of WordPress users are using this premium table making plugin.

This premium plugin is an all-inclusive data manager with integrated CRUD functionality for MySQL and other data sources. You can make interactive data table and charts to make your site more credible and functional to the users.

You can show or edit the MySQL table data, even if the datasets have millions of rows. You can also use spreadsheet Excel-like editing for easy understanding. You can make dynamic charts like Google chart, Highcharts, Chart.js. There are 35 types of charts to choose.What’s more, if you want you can use advanced per-column filtering to make it more easy to use. With using this, you can allow an individual column to have its own filter.

In a nutshell, this responsive WordPress table maker is the only plugin you need if you are more into data driven tables.

  • Responsive Design
  • Fully integrated CRUD functionality for MySQL and other data sources
  • Supports Excel, CSV files and Google Spreadsheets
  • Tables can be edited like Excel
  • Chart Rendering can be done by 3 supported libraries
  • Advanced per-column filtering
  • 35 Dynamic chart types
  • Multi-criteria live filters
  • Customization could be better

League Table

4. League Table – Premium

With 135 customizable options, League Table allows you to create a beautiful yet simple table in WordPress sites. This ultra responsive table plugin for WordPress allows you to create sortable columns. Based on criteria applied to multiple columns, you can create sortable columns. There are 105 customizable options per table.

You can change the colors, typography, size of the elements and lot more. You can also add images and hyperlinks. There are other features like the multisite ready option, multi-language feature, import & export feature and more.

  • 135 Cutomizable options
  • Make sortable and responsvie tables
  • Use them on post, pages and even in widgets
  • Import and export easily
  • Multisite ready
  • Highlight specific cells with different typgraphic styles
  • use HTML or JavaScript codes inside the cells
  • Making Gorgeous design is tricky (Use GoPricing)

Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin

5. Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin – Free

Yet another free pricing table for WordPress users. The beauty of WordPress is its vast storage of free plugins. At the moment, more than 30k WordPress users are using this free table maker plugin for WordPress. If you don’t have enough time to spend, this easy pricing table can come to the rescue. It comes with ten gorgeous pricing table designs to make the process much easier and simpler.

If you want you can customize the table’s color to suit your site. The owner of this plugins also made it conversion friendly to make you get leads and sales. It will work with all active WordPress themes to make it more valuable to you. Also, if you want you can use the Google Analytics Integration to track the button clicks.

  • Free
  • Easy to create tables
  • Use them on post, pages and even in widgets
  • Conversion focused
  • 10 Pricing table designs
  • Integrate Google Analytics for better tracking of button clicks
  • Responsive Design
  • Custom CSS
  • Design is very simple

We will continue to add more excellent WordPress table plugins. In the meantime, make the best out of these best WordPress Tables of 2017.


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Javed Akhtar - July 16, 2018

Nice write up. I often create tables on my WordPress blog for comparisons or listing features. I was using TinyMCE for the purpose earlier and recently I shifted to TablePress. It is a fantastic plugin with many customization features and attractive design.

Thanks for the writing,


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