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How to Remove Obj in A Box in WordPress?

What is an OBJ file?

A .obj file is a simple text-based file format that stores 3D models. It contains information about the geometry and appearance of a 3D object, including its vertices, edges, faces, materials, and texture maps.

Here …

How To Verify WordPress Site On Pinterest

Pinterest is a growing social site which allows you to pin your pictures, infographics and product images. Pinterest is generating a huge amount of referral traffic for website owners. If you are not using Pinterest for your site, then you …


How To Stop WordPress From Creating New Image Sizes

WordPress is becoming very popular day by day. WordPress provides a very user-friendly system that allows beginners to build websites very easily.

Even though WordPress is very user-friendly but it does have some problems. One of the biggest problems of …


How To Enable Gzip Compression in WordPress

Managing WordPress sites are easy if you follow our guidelines. Today we will teach you “how to enable Gzip compression in WordPress sites” . Enabling Gzip will make your site faster than previous. Let’s see what Gzip is ,and how …

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