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10 Best WordPress Heatmap Plugins

A serious blogger, webmaster or marketer will always want to know the behavior of the visitors. In order to track the behavior of the visitors, you need to generate a heatmap. A heatmap plugin will plot the area of your …

10 Best Knowledge Base Plugins for WordPress

Adding a knowledge base to your existing WordPress site in order to assist your visitors with information about your services/products is easier than you would think. You could use either a plugin or a theme to build a wiki knowledge …


9 Best WordPress help desk plugins

An online help desk solution makes it easier for your customers to stay connected with you. It helps you to remain in constant touch with them which in turns allows you to respond to all their requests and save a …


16 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins

If you are selling a service or a product on your site, you need to have a live chat support as people often feel the need to ask questions before buying a product or service. You are at the risk …


10 Best WordPress Booking Plugins (Free & Premium)

If you are running a business such as restaurants, massage parlor, hotels etc where you take appointments from your clients: chances are that you will be needing a booking calendar/booking engine. We have hand picked out some of the better …


10 great WordPress media file manager Plugins

In each iteration WordPress is improving its back-end tremendously, the default WordPress media manager works well for a small site with not too many images or files. But if you are looking for more functionalities out of your WordPress media …

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