Top Udemy Web Development Course You Should Take Today

Web development has become so varied, so many branches, that it could be daunting for a newcomer to decide where to begin. The front end, back end, so many javascript platforms, node.js, react.js, many PHP, ruby platforms, flesk… this could feel like a hopeless endeavor for a beginner.  That’s where the power of a small Udemy course lies, get enrolled in one for a very reasonable cost; finish the course, get a strong feel and understanding of the underlying methodology then once you know you have mastered the basics, move on from there and start learning on your own pace. Udemy courses are not designed to make you an expert; rather they are there to help you with the learning curve because when you are starting to learn a software technology, it’s getting acquainted with the basics what irritates us the most, and more often than not we find to be the hardest part. I have gone through so many Udemy courses at this point many free, many paid, I feel like I have a good sense of what a course could offer to a potential learner. I found these Udemy web development courses to be some of the better designed and well thought out courses out there.

For beginners:


The Web Developer Bootcamp:

This rendition of a real-life web development boot-camp succeeds in so many levels that its hard to not putting this at the top of the
list. You basically get a very well designed and effective web development boot-camp program in the form of an udemy course. Colt Steele is by far one of the most effective instructions I have ever come across. His ability to pick up an abstract topic and distills into something a beginner can grasp and make sense of is nothing sort of amazing. The course starts from basic HTML, CSS and then it slowly moves into javascript. You will learn the very basic of programming paradigm and web design. Then you move into learning a javascript framework called node.js and finish off your learning by creating a Yelp clone.What separates this course from others, in my opinion, is Colt, its hard to imagine a better instructor.  This course is especially useful for beginners as colt teaches you everything, no prior knowledge or familiarity with web development terminologies are expected from you. As you can sense from the tone of my voice, I really love this course; I wish I had something like this when I started my learning.

Some keynotes about the course

  • 4.7 (more than 69k rating) on average rating with more than 200k enrolled.
  • 72 percent of the people who rated this, rated as a (5/5) start course.
  • Course include, lectures, code along, project, exercise, research assignments etc.
  • Tools and Technologies covered are jquery, HTML, CSS, javascript, bootstrap, nodeJs, jQuery, MongoDB, rest API, passport.js, working with version control (Git/Github, etc.) and many more.

For Advanced Users

Fullstack Web Development (For Advanced Users:)

If you are a seasoned web developer with a transition into fullstack in mind, this Udemy course will get you started with the hottest javascript frameworks. You will learn how to deploy your own web app using NodeJS, React, Redux, Express, and MongoDB. NoSQL in many ways can be argued to be the future, and I found the approach taken by the instructor to get you started with MongoDB is practical and effective. Lectures are relatively easy to go through. As this is a course gear toward those who already know their basic js and js frameworks, some level of abstractions are there in lectures. So in case you are a beginner, we do not recommend this course for you. Stephen Grider is an excellent instructor who takes all the pain to explain every single features and code abstractions so that you will have a very decent understanding of what exactly each code piece is doing. Real life projects are built in the course in-order to solidifies one’s learning. We found the auth verification project to be very useful for our development purpose. Payment processing is taught in a very practical way for you to grasp the fundamentals and integrate one into your project.

Some keynotes about the course

  • 4.7 (more than 6k rating) on average rating with more than 28k enrolled.
  • 74 percent of the people who rated this, rated as a (5/5) start course.
  • The course includes lectures, code along, project, and step by step app deployment.
  • Tools and Technologies covered are: NodeJS, React, Redux, Express, and MongoDB.



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