15+ WordPress Themes For Social Sharing And Viral Blogs

So you want to make a viral website, right? Do you know that having a good WordPress theme can substantially increase your social shares?

We have collected some WordPress themes which are perfect to make a viral WordPress site. All of these themes are optimized to boost your social share and reach more users on social sites. In a nutshell, these are the best Viral WordPress themes you can find in the market.

I am pretty sure that you already know about viral sites. Viral sites have a tendency to tempt the visitors to share your article with their friends & families on a social network.

ViralNova is the pioneer of this trend along with UpWorthy and 9Gag. They focus on creating contents which are called click bait and tempts the users to click and later share it on social networks.

Most of the sites below will be like ViralNova, 9Gag, Upworthy. These themes have the ability to boost your traffic and make you more money than previous. It’s because they are optimized to do so. Let’s see what we have collected.

10 WordPress Themes For Social Sharing And Viral Blogs

TruePixel (MyThemeShop)

Social Sharing WordPress Theme

Demo Download Theme

This is one of the best WordPress themes to make viral sites. This WordPress theme is originally used by ViralNova which was sold more than $100M. This theme focuses on increasing the social shares and boosting the traffic.

This theme comes with two different layouts and both of them focuses on social sharing. It is made by MyThemeSHop who are fantastic at making content sharing sites. With a vast amount of features, you can easily monetize and maximize your revenue with the advanced control panel.

This theme is very good with the speed optimization and allows users to easily move on the site. As a result, your bounce rate will be lower than normal. In a nutshell, this is one of the best themes for content sharing purpose.


SociallyViral (MyThemeShop)

WordPress Theme for viral blog

Demo Download Theme

If you want to make a viral site which looks like the current ViralNova site, then this is the best shot you can have. It was used in ViralNova too. SociallyViral has been adopted by many viral marketers for it’s unique design and interesting approach towards getting social shares.

SociallyViral is highly optimized for speed and thus, the users can easily read your posts and move within your site. From big menu to trending menu it has got all the stuff you may ask from a viral WordPress theme. You can easily monetize the traffic via it’s monetizing system. If you want to be the next ViralNova then this is the theme you need to choose.

Aruna (Themeforrest)

Aruna WordPress Theme

Demo Download Theme

Best WordPress Theme like 9Gag : Aruna is another good theme to make viral websites. Aruna is popular for it’s diverse management system. If you want to provide different types of contents like image, video,gallery, music beside normal posts then this will serve you excellently. It’s unique and forces user to engage in a polite way.

Not all websites want to generate all of their content by own, but some want to get user generated contents too. Aruna is going to help you in this process to get more engaging content from the users. That’s cool !!!

I found many people were looking for a theme like 9Gag and this their solution. Aruna mimics the system of 9Gag and that is how you get free content from your visitors. You can let the users know the view number of individual posts. This actually gives them moral push up to share on different social networks. This means more traffic to your site.

Aruna features lazy load feature by default. As a result, your site will load fast and the users will see more content if they scroll. Great WordPress theme to make sites like 9Gag.


WordPress theme for user generated content

Demo Download Theme

Best WordPress Theme for User Generated Content: BoredPanda is a very popular viral site which allows it’s users to submit their own posts. Even though some of them might not be worth checking, yet some of them are fantastic. If you want to build a viral site which will rely on users generated contents then you can have a look at this theme. Remember that these free contents can drive more traffic if used properly.

It features a front side drag & drop media file upload system for the users to easily contribute to your site. With lots of features, this one can help you to manage the site properly and monetize it accordingly.


WordPress Themes Like Buzzfeed

Demo Download Theme

Best WordPress Theme Link BuzzFeed: I don’t think that I have to introduce BuzzFeed to you. BuzzFeed is a very popular viral site which has been receiving a huge amount of traffic from the social sites. Gonzo is a WordPress theme which has a similar design like the BuzzFeed.

Gonzo features a clean and responsive magazine design. From flexible slider to blog style it can make you a highly engaging content layout. It comes with a great monetization option also.  Great WordPress theme to make a site like BuzzFeed.

Foot – Grid Front-End Submission Content Sharing

Pinterest magazine wordpress theme

Demo Download Theme

This is yet another content sharing WordPress site which offers several layouts to you. You can choose Pinterest style, magazine style etc. All of its layouts are responsive and has good speed optimization to provide fast loading. Thanks to optimized HTML5 and CSS3 code.

From infinite scroll to unlimited sidebars this theme gives you the most devastating weapon of sharing option to achieve huge traffic boost. Choose your favorite layout and make the site unique to give a high authority look. Once you get used to the theme you will be able to out a stunning look to it.

Ultrahumor – 4 in 1

9 Gag theme

Demo Download Theme

Ever wanted to create a WordPress site which looks like 9gag, Imgur, damnlol or vines with one single damn WordPress theme? Well, to be honest, I wanted to. Hotclonethemes provided a theme which offers a content engaging WordPress theme which can make these types of sites.

You can change to any of these design with the help of one click from the control panel, thanks to their sophisticated and advanced control panel. From front-end submission form to engaging the users, Ultrahumor 4-in-1 is a social WordPress theme which is hard to deny. Just like other modern WordPress themes, this one is responsive too.


Free Content Sharing WordPress theme

Demo Download Theme

WordPress Theme like Upworthy: Since most of our mentions are paid WordPress themes, we looked for a free theme and got one. I know it’s not a theme which offers a big number of features, but c’mon it’s free and offers clean design. By tweaking and placing all the contents, you can surely make a cute and engaging look at it. Unlike other free themes, it’s fast and optimized finely.

I hope we have already enlisted some really cool WordPress themes for making viral sites. We will continue to update this thread with new WordPress themes focused on content sharing on social networks. Meanwhile, you can comment with your favorite Viral WordPress theme below.


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