10 Unknown Yet Totally Awesome WordPress plugins

Unless you have been living under Sahara desert or you are new to WordPress, you probably know a thing or two about some of the most popular and quintessential WordPress plugins such as yoast, akismet, contact form 7 etc. While those plugins are certainly great and deserving of all the community love and fame, there are quite a few hidden yet totally cool wordpress plugins available in the plugin repository. These relatively unknown WordPress plugins deserve your attention .

Flexible Posts Widget

flexible post widget
The default wordpress recent post widget is really bare-bone and extremely basic in nature. You have probably wondered about getting a bit more functionalities and option out of your recent post widget, for instance showing post thumbnail in the widget. This awesome recent posts widget plugin provides a post widget with heaps of customization options. Some of the highlighted features of wordpress flexible widget plugin are:

  • Option to display post feature image.
  • Each Widget output can be customized by user defined template.
  • Multi language support.
  • Order posts by various constraints such as:date, modified date, ID, title, menu order, random, Post ID Order etc.

Download here

Wp keyword suggest

wp keyword suggest
As the name suggest this tool lets you search and find long tail keywords for your niche. This extremely easy to use plugin will let you generate up to 250 keyword ideas from Google, bing etc. Just install and activate it and then go to new post, you will see wp keyword suggest at the top right of your screen. Type anything you want there and you will see the plugin starts generating keyword ideas .

Download Wp keyword suggest

Simple Pull Quote


This wordpress quote plugin allows you to easily put quotes into your posts/pages. It provides a Pullquote button, alternatively you could just use the following shortcode in your post. Simple Pull Quote is easily the best wordpress quote plugin we have come across.


Download here

Plugins Garbage Collector

A smart little yet totally awesome wordpress plugin ‘garbage collector’ scans your database to show you the tables your deleted/uninstalled plugins left behind. It shows you all the tables besides your core wordpress installation tables. Provides a clean up option too. This relatively new and unknown wordpress plugins comes in really handy to speed up your website.

Download here

TJ Custom CSS

This cool WordPress plugin one adds a custom css manager in your administration page. You will be able to add/override css code for any of your wordpress themes or plugins. If you like to play and tinker with your site design, you will really appreciate and love this wonderful plugin.
Download TJ

WPFront Scroll Top

Another relatively unknown wordpress plugins, it does exactly as the name says. Allows your site visitors to scroll back at the top of the page. Comes in handy if your posts are really long in nature.

Get it here

Add From Server

Unknown wordpress plugins

This one probably does not qualify as  unknown but we were still compelled to add it into our list. It allows you to import media/files from your server(hosting) to directly into your wordpress uploads manager.

Download here

WP YouTube Lyte

High performance YouTube play list without slowing down the site. Responsive lazy load video using lite embed tags.

Get it now

Tweet This

This cool WordPress plugin Provides embedded stylish tweetable content box. Are you searching for a plugin which allows users to tweet quotes from your post? Well we got you covered. This is an excellent plugin that allows users to tweet straight from the post. This will not only make users happy ,but it will also help you to get social traffic. This is a powerful yet overlooked twitter plugin for WordPress which can make more social presence for your site.

Get Tweet This

Better Search Replace

Better search replace is a life saver. This awesome plugin can replace any text/string/url in your site.

Download Better Search

Custom Upload Dir

If your site is image dependent,basically a site with thousands of images: you wanna better manage your image upload by putting them into different folders. For instance landscape/weddings/people etc. You could easily do that via using this WordPress custom Upload directory plugin. It lets you organize your uploaded files into different folders of your choice, which will come in very handy for manual searching of images or if you are gonna move your site to different hosting.

Get Custom Upload Dir


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