5 Best Related Posts Plugins For WordPress

Are you suffering high bounce rate on your WordPress site? Do you know that having a high bounce rate will cost you in SEO game? It is established in the SEO industry that having a high bounce rate will hurt your rankings. There are several ways of reducing the bounce rate. One of the easiest way is to use related contents block on your site.

There are many WordPress plugins which will show related contents to the users. Having a related contents plugin on your WordPress site will surely reduce bounce rate. We are going to share some of the best related contents plugin for WordPress.

5 Best Related Posts Plugins For WordPress

#1. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
Most of the related posts plugins for WordPress fails to provide relevant and correct content. This is where “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin” comes. It’s been loved by many bloggers for it’s excellent algorithm.

This plugin has a very hood algorithm which can calculate, find and deliver the proper related posts for the users. As a result viewers are getting good content suggestion and remains in your site for more than usual.

This plugin allows you to provide the block on two styles :

  1. Advanced thumbnail related image
  2. Basic list type suggestions
You can even change the excerpt if you need. It provides better customization. As a result the viewers get a look on what they are heading into.
  • Excellent algorithm
  • Two different styles
  • Provides suitable contents
  • Customization
  • Show excerpts
  • Add related posts to feed
  • Resource hungry (Pro version can solve this problem)
  • This plugin is blocked by managed WordPress hosting like WpEngine
  • Can not function with some plugins like WPML (multi lingual WP plugin)

#2. Jetpack — Related Posts Module

Related posts plugins for WordPress

This is one of the best related posts plugin for WordPress. Jetpack is a powerful plugin which comes with many features. One of the coolest features of this plugin is the “related posts module”. In order to activate this feature you need to go to the Jetpack page from your WordPress dashboard. There are several modules in that page ; find it and activate the Related Posts Module.

In order to configure it you need to press the Configure button. You will see some layouts to choose the perfect one for your site.


  • many layouts to choose from
  • If you already use Jetpack you don’t have to install any new plugin


  • It’s a heavy plugin. Using it only for related posts feature is not recommended


#3. WordPress Related Posts

WordPress Related Posts

This plugin is used by more than 100000 WordPress users. It makes it really easy to put related contents block on the footer.

This is powered by the Zemanta’s world class semantic service. It offers different styles, thumbnails and offers caching which provides fast performance.

In order to turn on this plugin ,you need to go to the Settings > Related Posts and turn on the features.


  • Very easy customization
  • Offers up to 10% internal traffic
  • Several styles & thumbnails


  • Sometimes thumb may appear incorrectly in size

#4. Yuzo – Related posts

Lightweight related contents plugin

Most of the related contents plugins takes up a good load on the system. Yuzo is a lightweight plugin which offers a minimalist design along with great customization ability.

This plugin can provide quite accurate related content to the users. If you don’t trust it’s system then you can manually set the posts too.


  • Lightweight
  • Minimalist design
  • Manual system
  • Customization ability


  • In spite of being lightweight , this plugin still increases the page loading time

#5. Contextual Related Posts


Contextual Related Posts

Yet Another awesome related posts plugin for WordPress. The beauty of this plugin is it’s ability to match posts with comparing contextually. This plugin can display the related posts as thumbnails & text.


  • Simple settings
  • Works great with text related posts
  • If no featured image is selected , it can fetch images from the post


  • Not a good option for big sites
  • Blocked in managed WordPress Hosts

There are some other popular related posts plugins for WordPress. We will continue to add new plugins and meanwhile you can suggest us on the comments section below.


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