10 Best WordPress Heatmap Plugins

A serious blogger, webmaster or marketer will always want to know the behavior of the visitors. In order to track the behavior of the visitors, you need to generate a heatmap. A heatmap plugin will plot the area of your website and show which region of the site has most views and clicks.

Heatmap will show you where your visitors and users are clicking. Thus, you will be able to make changes in your UI to maximize your earnings. This may sound funny, but many webmasters don’t know how to maximize user experience. With the help of heat map analytics, you will understand whether you are doing it right or wrong.

We have collected the best heatmap plugins for WordPress. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. These heat map plugin can generate and show a visual data for easy understanding.

Clicky Analytics

Clicky is a very popular analytics service which dared Google to meet their service level. Few of the analytics services can match Google analytics, and Clicky is one of them. Clicky even mocks Google for providing data lately.

You will be amazed to know that more than 700000 people are using clicky. With the help of its WordPress plugin, you can easily set up it. Clicky can collect and generate the heatmap per page basis or even individual user session basis. Besides that, there are normal analytics reports which can be accessed from the dashboard.

Clicky Heatmap analytics for wordpress

Clicky even has a cache function, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the page loading time. Even though clicky has a free option, but it doesn’t include the heat map analytics. In a nutshell, clicky is the best WordPress heatmap plugins.

Clicky has a free trial for 21 days. So if you are not sure about investing but want to try how things work with Clicky, then you can get the free 21 days trial. Yoast also made a plugin to integrate the Click in WordPress. Try and see the difference.

SumoMe – Heat Mapping and Click Tracking
SumoMe - Heat Mapping and Click Tracking

SumoMe is loved by more than 100000 WordPress users. This plugin comes with numerous free features, and Heat map is one of them. Noak Kagan is the person behind the fantastic SumoMe plugin. With the help of SumoMe’s heatmap feature, you will be able to identify where your visitors are clicking or not. There are also some other cool features in this plugin; some of the are free and some are paid.

Crazyegg Heatmap Tracking

heatmap tracking analytics plugin for wordpress

Neil Patel is a famous face in the internet blogging world who made Crazyegg with Hiten Shah. Thus, you can understand that this is a really good plugin to generate heatmap of your WordPress. This plugin claims that it has an accuracy level of 88% and it can provide better tracking than other heat map analytic services.

Even though it is free, but to avail more advanced features, you will have to pay $9 per month in the starter package. There is free trial to check before rolling in. There are many features like click data heatmap, overlay for a number of clicks, separate clicks based on referral sources. You can even track multiple domains from on account.

REINVIGORATE heat map analytical wordpress

REINVIGORATE is a top notch web analytics service which also offers heatmap feature. One of the great benefits of using this service is it’s real-time heat map feature. It collects the data and shows them using an overlay map. As a result, tracking in real time becomes much easier for you. You can easily integrate this service with the help of their free WordPress plugin.

They even offer desktop notification on selected action and instant monitoring. It won’t slow down your site because it will distribute the tracking code via a CDN. Very few companies will provide desktop data monitoring and this is why Reinvigorate analytics service is loved by many people. In order to avail their starter package which has the real time heatmaps feature, you will have to pay only $1o per month. You can track up to three websites with this plane and it has a $14-day free trial also.


click analytic for WordPress

SessionCam’s service will help you to track the behavior of your visitors. From mouse moving to clicking and writing in the forms, you get a holistic data of how your users are acting with your site.

SessionCam provides Session Replay which will allow you to track a single user’s whole journey on your site. As a result, you have a god power to check and improve your site’s performance. SessionCam comes with a free WordPress plugin. You can use this service for free with all the features up to 500 pages every month. It doesn’t asks for a credit card to sign up. This heat map analytic plugin is best for new users.

Mousflow For WordPress Heatmap


Just like the SessionCam, this plugin also focuses on users mouse movements like clicks, scrolling, form filling and key strokes. MouseFlos has both free and premium plan. The premium plan starts at $10 per month only. Free plan comes with limited features while the pro package offers page tracking, responsive support, detailed details on visitor and beautifully crafted heatmap.


Lucky Orange

This is a a heatmap plus chat combo WordPress plugin to identify user movements and chat with them in real time. You can find the heatmap of clicks and scroll depth to analyze user movements. You will be able to see how users are interacting with the forms, elements. The polling system will be able collect important data from the users, which can be used to improve the user experience. Assume that a customer is having problem with checking out, you can see s/he in the real time and assist in the live chat.

This will allow you to make a better website for users and increase the lead generation. Lucky orange will help you to increase your leads, sales or conversion. There are several plans to choose. However, it comes with free trail which won’t ask for credit card.


Ptengine – Heatmap Analytics

Ptengine - Heatmap Analytics

Ptengine is a heat map and traffic analytics plugin which comes with the basic heat map features. You will be able to know what your customers are searching and thus you will be able to maximize your profit. You will be able to understand the click, scroll and real-time analytics on your site. Besides that, you will be able to monitor several domains for free, campaign monitoring, conversion tracking. The heatmap function is quite detailed as you will get multi device monitoring, click heatmap, attention heatmap, page analysis, scroll reach map, comparison and segment.


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Analytics stats counter statistics plugin is my favorite statistics plugin which is so accurate and effective.I use it to analyze visitors statistics on my web page,unique users and count.


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