10 great WordPress media file manager Plugins

In each iteration WordPress is improving its back-end tremendously, the default WordPress media manager works well for a small site with not too many images or files. But if you are looking for more functionalities out of your WordPress media manager ,  you have come to the right place. These top

WordPress media file manager plugins

provides a bunch of extra functionalities for a varieties of needs .

Media Library Assistant

WordPress Media Library
This excellent WordPress media manager tool provides a lot of functionalities including but not limited to content templates, Attachment metadata, Enhanced Search Media box, full taxonomies support. Here is media library assistant in a nutshell-

  • Supports wpml/polylang(multi language plugins).
  • [mla_gallery] short-code to use in your post/page to add a gallery of images or other Media Library items(PDF).
  • [mla_tag_cloud] short-code to show the most used terms in your media.
  • Provides total control over your Post MIME Types, File Upload extensions/MIME Types and file type icon images.
  • Allows additional view filters for MIME types and taxonomies.
  • Tons of listing columns to choose from.

Download here

Enhanced Media Library

WordPress media file plugin
Designed to come in handy for people who got a lot of images in their site, enhanced media plugin provides one of the better WordPress media search experience around. The plugin allows to you create or edit existing media categories so that you can later filter your search result by categories. It also allows to you to filter your files by type(PDF,images,video etc). Provides a nice export/import function if you want to preserve your current media settings, will come in handy if you move the site in future.

Download here

Enable Media Replace

WordPress Media File Replace

This amazing WordPress media plugin does exactly it name suggests. It lets you replace your existing media files without having to delete them. Gone are the tedious days of deleting old images to replace them with new ones. In order to replace any uploaded file from your media library, just use the media edit view, select upload and then choose a new image to upload.

Download here

Media File Renamer

Lets your change your media files names. When your files are renamed, the references to them are also updated (posts, pages, custom types). A small nice tool for your site’s seo.

Download here



Previously known as wp inject this amazing WordPress Media plugin lets you insert free creative commons images from flicker directly to your posts/pages. You could find images according to your key words, this even allows to set those images as your featured images. Just install the plugin to start using it . We really love this plugin for how fast it is and for how efficiently it works.

Download here


WpImage Plugin

Tired of resizing images? imsanity takes care of the issue of image resizing. It automatically resizes your images to save disk space and speed up your site. You could even resize your previously uploaded selective images . You would be able to set max width,height and image quality. This wonderful WordPress media file manager plugin is truly a life saver.

Download here

Media Library Categories

Lets you add categories to your media files. If activated a drop-down menu of categories will show up in your media library. If you have a tons of un-categorized items you can change or add categories to multiple items at once using bulk action .

Download here

WordPress Download Manager

If you sell digital product at your site or provide tons of downloads for your users, this particular plugin is worth a look. This WordPress media plugin allows you to track,control and manage your files. It provides you with the option of putting passwords, user roles protection to better control your downloads. An excellent free WordPress media file manager plugin to manage your downloadable files.

Download here

Add External Media

A relatively new but promising media plugin, it lets you add media from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Twitter etc to your WordPress media library.

Download here

WP Smush

Wp Smush Plugin

One of the best free WordPress image optimization solution out there, smush strip down your images to their basic by removing extraneous information from the images. It significantly increases your site speed by reducing image size. Wpsmush increased our site speed by 5 points. Without a doubt it is one of the best word best wordpress media plugin.

Download here

These are some of the best WordPress media plugins we have come across, we will keep adding more to this list in future. Please let us know in the comment section if we are missing any.


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Matthias - June 7, 2017

Hi there! Perhaps it is interesting to mention the WordPress Real Media Library: https://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-real-media-library-media-categories-folders/13155134 It allows you to organize your media library with folders. 🙂

Ashish Ajani - March 29, 2018

Great list Manj, thank you for sharing. Another plugin you might consider adding to the list is WP Copy Media URL https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-copy-media-url/ It makes the process lot easier for copying media URL of any media type. Thanks.


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