5 Best Lazy Load Plugins For WordPress 2019

WordPress sites with tons of images might take forever to load, and most of the users hate it when your site loads slowly. A study shows that 40% of people will leave your page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Well, that’s a bummer for webmasters with slow websites.

How to solve this problem?  In order to make your site faster, you can use lazy load technique. It will increase your page speed within seconds. It’s a straightforward thing to do.

What is lazy load?

Lazy load is a technique which will delay the loading of images. It will only load the images which are above the fold. In a simpler word, images will be loaded once users view them via scrolling. It’s a great technique which will not only increase your page speed but saves your & users bandwidth too.

How to enable lazyload on WordPress sites?

It is very easy to enable lazyload to your WordPress site via plugins. We have collected the best plugins to enable lazyload on your site. Let’s see the list.

If you are already using lazyload technique, then you are requested to share your experience and suggestions with us in the comments section.

Best Lazy Load Plugins

BJ Lazy Load plugin

advanced Lazy Load Plugin For WordPress

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BJ Lazy Load plugin is one of the best plugins to enable to lazyload on your site. You can add lazyload to the images and iframes with this plugin. If you want to add lazyload to selected images, then you can do that too. Its advanced setting allows you to lazyload post images, thumbnails, iframes and even gravatar images too.

Usually, lazyload plugins come with an “enable and forget” type settings. Most of the plugins won’t provide settings but this one does. You can tell BJ lazyload plugin how to work like skipping images with classes or choosing placeholder.

BJ lazy load can scale big images into responsive size to fit the small screens too. If any of user is from apple device with retina display, it will serve images with high DPI to meet the retina quality.

Lazy Load

Lazy Load plugin for wordpress

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Another best lazy load plugins for WordPress is Lazy Load. Not everybody loves advanced settings. This lazyload plugin is for those who just want to active and forget. Lazy load is a very simple plugin which just works. All you have to do is install and active this in your WordPress and it will do the rest. This plugin uses jQuery.sonar to load the images which are above the fold. Thus, reduces page loading time and saves bandwidth.

Rocket Lazy Load

Rocket Lazy Load

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Many webmasters try to avoid resource hungry plugins, and for them, this is the tiny lazy load plugin. This lazy load plugin doesn’t use any jquery, and it weights only 2kb. It’s quite impressive how this small lazy load plugin possesses this much power.

All you have to do is download and install it. Rocket Lazy load plugin will do the rest for you. It will only show the images when they are visible to the users.

WP YouTube Lyte

WP YouTube Lyte

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Some of the WordPress sites heavily rely on Youtube videos. With WP YouTube Lyte you can speed up your WordPress site. You can embed multiple YouTube videos in a single page and use this plugin easily. This lazy load plugin for youtube comes with shortcodes. You can use the shortcode plugin anywhere in the site.

jQuery Image Lazy Load WP

jQuery Image Lazy Load WP

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This lazy load plugin uses Jquery. Just like other normal lazy loading plugins, this plugin will load the images when the images are above the fold. It’s very easy to use and it just works. Note that this plugin has not been updated for lats two years.


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Simaran Singh - July 31, 2016

I used lazy load plugin, but it causing problems on my mobile theme. Infinite scrolling is disabled after activating it.

    Afsar - July 31, 2016

    Hello Simaran, I just checked your site and the infinite scrolling is working perfectly. You are using BJ lazyload plugin and Newspaper theme. If you are still facing any types of problems regarding lazy load, then drop the name of the site and plugin name. Thank you.

      Züri Digital - November 11, 2016

      can you please check for zueridigital.com

      it loads too slow..

      thank you..

mark - April 20, 2017

I am trying to find issues to improve my website! I suppose its good enough to make use of your ideas.

Ville Lindberg - October 18, 2017

I found a better plugin with more features and better performance: https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-lazy-loader/

AMAN SINGH - April 19, 2018

Bj lazy load is the wordpress plugin for wordpress.


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