16 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins

If you are selling a service or a product on your site, you need to have a live chat support as people often feel the need to ask questions before buying a product or service. You are at the risk of losing significant revenues by overlooking this simple fact. Here is a little statistics for you ” A large number of customers, to be precise 83% requires customer support before and during the online purchase, What’s more, 45% of them won’t convert unless their questions are answered quickly”.

You want people to feel engaged? want them to feel secure and safe about their purchases? You need a live chat plugin. There are multiple WordPress live chat plugins that are easy to setup and integrate. A mixture of both premium and free, we have comprised a list of some of the best WordPress Live Chat Plugins around.


Tawk.to Live Chat

Best Free WordPress Live Chat Plugins

One of the best WordPress live chat plugin, Tawk is totally free: yet comes with a well-polished back-end, a free ios app, and customizable design opportunities. It offers multiple websites with unlimited agents, nice clean responsive looks, and a seamless ease to set up experience. Tawk will question your belief about “how far a free plugin could go” as it works, looks and provides most of the options of a premium live chat plugin

Download Tawk.to

LiveChat (Free for a month)

Wordpress Live Chat Software

Free (for a month), extremely easy to use and works seamlessly with almost every themes and plugins: that’s LiveChat in a nutshell. Livechat provides a help desk utilities that help your customers to find their desired products. It looks and works great across all mobile devices. Livechat provides simple, clean and nice layout and fully customizable Agent and customer interfaces. You could easily make the design to match with your site branding. The only caveat is that it’s not totally free as live chat comes with a month-long test drive, but 30 days free trial should be sufficient for most to determine whether it’s worth paying for.

Get Livechat  Premium Version (10$ Discount)

Zopim Live Chat(Free)

WordPress Live Chat
With an active install number of more than 60000 Zopim is one of the most popular live chat plugin for WordPress. And unsurprisingly Zopim is one of the best WordPress live chat plugin around. Zopim provides a simple yet pretty customizable chat widget. It also provides an analytics to observe visitor flow, usage patterns, and the ability to connect with your customers right away when they are in need of help. Zorpim is multilingual (supports 40 languages). Zorpim provides a free version, but it’s limited. Its basic version starts from $11 a month.

Check it out now.

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales(Free)

Live chat for WordPress
This free WordPress live chat plugin allows you to monitor and chat with your visitors when they are surfing your site real time. It comes with tons of functionalities, some notable ones are

  • Offline Chat Messages (In case the chat operator is offline).
  • Geolocation (Data about your visitor’s location and map).
  • Provides customer’s social data Notes Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Visitor and chat speaker’s IP information.
  • Multilingual Chat Front-Interface and Admin-Panel.

Get Chat

YITH Live Chat(Free)

Free WordPress Live Chat Plugin
YITH is pretty simple to configure and the interface looks great. It allows you to set customized messages such as greetings, offline, busy operators etc. Premium version comes with some more goodies that free one does not have for example ” Conversation” this feature enables your visitors to request a copy of the happened conversation.
Download YITH

Awesome Live Chat(Premium)

Premium WordPress Live Chat Plugin

This premium WordPress live chat plugin operates without any third party service. Provides an unlimited number of operators along with the opportunity for your visitors to open up multiple tabs and to resume from where they left off. It also enables you to provide

  • Post Chat Transcripts for visitors if they want.
  • Lets you create an unlimited number of departments.
  • Geo Location(visitors country, IP etc).
  • Lets you create as many operators as you want.
  • Responsive and a clean dashboard interface.

Get it now

Chat X(Premium)

Premium WordPress Live Chat Plugin

This fast and lightweight plugin comes with SSL support for all your and visitor messages. It also provides a completely optional ““Email notifications” to let you know when a new visitor is online. A hefty number of users(100) users can chat at one time. Provides support for polylang. However it does not have a mobile app yet, so you will have to use the WordPress admin panel to answer your visitors. It is fully customizable, comes with multiple skins to choose from. Will require a Free Firebase account.

CHat X Download

Tidio Live Chat(Free)

Live Chat Software WordPress
One of the better free live chat for WordPress, Tidio will get you up and running in less than 20 seconds. Just install, activate and you are ready to go. It has dedicated apps for both Android and IOS devices. Tidio integrates with many online frameworks and services such as Zendesk, GetResponse, SalesForce, and MailChimp etc. Comes with adjustable color schemes. Tideo widget supports 140 languages. This free WordPress live chat plugin lets you reach your customers via email when they leave the chat.

Get Tidio

LiveHelpNow Help Desk(Free)

Live Chat For WordPress
This free WordPress live chat plugin is armed with some unique features.

Whisper- allows operators to coach each other! you could Send private messages into a chat session assigned to another operator. This message will be visible only to that operator.

Callback Request System – Callback Request system lets customer to notify when they need to speak with a live operator.

Requiring an ACTIVE (free-trail or paid) LiveHelpNow subscription it also integrates with LiveHelpNow Ticket System & LiveHelpNow Callback Request System.

Download LiveHelpNow

Chat by Flyzoo(Free)

Free WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Flyzoo Live Chat plugin features live customer support and chat rooms for site visitors. Flyzoo Provides

  • Visitor monitoring.
  • One-on-one chats.
  • Group chats.
  • Customizable color scheme.
  • Offline messaging.
  • Cloud Based.
  • Smart chat routing.
  • Embeddable group chats.

Trial Period lasts 14 days, Flyzoo starts at $1.90/month.

Download Now


WordPress Live Chat Plugin

One particularly interesting feature of fresco is “Intelligent routing”, which allows fresco to look for the least busy operator and send chat requests to that agent, if there’s no response it will notify the next available agent. It will also let you set up your working hours. Fresco will manage your online / offline status according to your working hours. Provides apps for all mobile devices and platforms. With a modern slick look and a robust set of functionalities, Fresco deserves its place in our list of best WordPress Live Chat Plugin.

Get it now

Live Chat Software by HelpOnClick(Free)

best wordpress live chat plugin
Installs a livechat widget on your site to allow you to interact with your website visitors in real time. It’s pretty simple to setup.

Download From Here

Formilla Live Chat – Real-time Chat Plugin (Free)

Free WordPress Live Chat Plugin

One of the best WordPress live chat plugin, Formilla offers

  • Android and IOS apps for mobile devices.
  • A responsive chat widget which is fully mobile ready(Resizes to any mobile device).
  • User/Agent is Typing a Message..notification to let you know whether your users at the other end, typing or not.
  • Shows an automatic email us button when you are offline.
  • Visitors technical info (Browsers, screen size, operating systems etc).
  • Pro Active Chat functionality(optional) will let you trigger chat with your users automatically after a predefined number of seconds.

Get Formilla Live Chat

WP Flat Visual Chat(Premium)

Untitled design

best wordpress live chat plugin
This one is a bit unique as it lets you visually guide your customers, the way it works is that the plugin allows you to View the page your customers are in and then through different pages yous can show any website element to the customers. You could also save a lot of time by using preprogrammed sentences via shortcode. Saves you the trouble of writing the same line over and over again.

Download Wp Flat

JivoChat Live Chat [Official]

WordPress Chat
Jivochat is a modern slick looking plugin. Offers a heap of customization options. Jivochat is pretty well optimized as the plugin does not slow down your site. Comes with ios/android apps for mobile devices.

Download Here

WP Live Chat Support

Wordpress Live Chat

A free live chat for your WordPress site, Wp live does not require any third-party connections. Provides a desktop notification feature that lets you know when you are receiving new live chats requests. Allows you to ban visitors from chatting based on their IP Address. It also allows you to drag the live chat box around your page. The free version comes with tons of notable goodies.

  • View missed Live Chats.
  • Sound notifications for new chats.
  • Automatic pop up for your chat box.
  • Make the live chat for registered users only.
  • Compatible with all WordPress cache plugins.

Download Here

And this is it. We hope this list will help you to find a suitable live chat for your WordPress site. Customer support via live chat really counts for more than you would think. Try some of the free plugins before shelling out cash for the premium ones. Granted, the premium ones have their own perks.

Let us know in the comment section if we have overlooked any WordPress live chat plugin. We would love to hear from you. We will continue to update this list as we come across more live chat solutions for WordPress.


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Roman - January 21, 2016

Nice list!
Another cool plugin that comes with a free-forever plan is Chatwee. It’s more of a group chat widget, designed to help you grow an online community around your product or brand. Users can talk in public and private, and there’s plenty of customization options available.

    Manj - February 2, 2016

    Chatwee looks great, we will add it on the list.

Jacob Holmes - February 7, 2016

Thank you for this live chat plugin list, there are very nice Plugins. I will definitely choose one of them for my WordPress site.
Thanks again!

Alex - November 10, 2017

Hi Jacob, thanks for sharing. I’d also like to add Deskun to this list, it’s a good live chat and ticket system solution in one.


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